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Use the pipe jacking machine to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance

Release time: 2018.01.19
To know that different soil quality needs different pipe jacking machines, so that we can make full use of resources and avoid wasting. Especially when using hydraulic pipe jacking machine, we need to investigate the soil and terrain in advance, so as to ensure the smooth construction process. Secondly, when it is not used for mechanical equipment, it should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place, so that the mechanical equipment will be subjected to rain or damp when exposed to the sun, so that it will exert its greatest role in the construction process.
Whether it is a busy street or high-rise buildings in the town have shown a rapid development of the construction industry in our country, the development of the building industry and high-tech construction machinery are inseparable, as jacking machine construction machinery and equipment is very important, when mining land plays a very important role, and hydraulic in the market price of about jacking machine in the hundreds of thousands are very expensive, so pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in the process of its use. As a matter of fact, all kinds of mechanical equipment's maintenance and maintenance knowledge are very similar. As long as the maintenance is frequently maintained during construction, the number of repairs can be reduced, the service life of the pipe jacking machine will increase, and the cost of construction will also be reduced.
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