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NPD Slurry Microtunnel Boring Machine

NPD Series of Slurry shield microtunnel boring Machine are most suitable for condition of high underground water pressure and various soil strata, commonly used for pipe diameter ranges from ϕ800 to ϕ3600 . The slurry system maintains the stability of the soil surrounding the pipe, enabling effective control soil settlement. It can also perform continuous unearthed action and the speed of pushing forward is fast.

Slurry shield microtunnel boring Machine has two types according to their different design in different application: Disc-type and Cone-type. each type can be manufactured in different size and configuration.

Slurry shield microtunnel boring Machine is capable of running for single long shaft length (up to 200m) without interjack shell.



Specifications of TPN Slurry Shield microtunnel boring Machine


Features of the Disc-wheel slurry machine:
1) Applicable for wide range of soil property: from soft soil and clay to gravel and hard soil, especially good for sludge and sand soil.
2) Stability of surroundings and minimum ground subsidence during excavation.
3) Lower jacking force means long shaft length can be reached.
4) Independent water/slurry injection system with cleaning device on cutter head/cutter blades to ensure its function well even in hard soil strata.
5) Fast excavation speed can even approach 120mm/min
6) The simple construction and remote control for various functions will reduce the running cost to a minimum while obtaining safety and reliability



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