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TPD Earth Pressure Balance Microtunnel Boring Machine

TPD series of earth pressure microtunnel boring Machine are suitable for all kinds of soil condition from soft to weathered sandstone. It can keep working well even when the soil depth down to machine shell is 1.0 times of pipe diameter. By applying proper grouting (injecting bentonite), surrounding soil structure improved, stability of cutter disc maintained and also ground subsidence is minimized.

Earth pressure balance (EPB) microtunnel boring Machine is widely used for those projects who needs large diameter pipes and longer shaft jacking distance.

EPB machine brings a lot of benefits to customer: easy excavation and spoil transportation, simple and safe operation, long-life of machine running.



Specifications of TPD earth pressure balance microtunnel boring Machine


Features of the EPB machine:
1) Applicable for all kinds of soil structure especially for coarse sand and semi-decomposed rock.
2) Low cutting speed with high cutting torque enables the drive system holding overload ratio up to 3.
3) Independent water and bentonite injection system will improve the soil stability of excavated section.
4) Low ground subsidence during construction, the earth cover depth can be reduced to 1.0 times of machine diameter.
5) Central supporting and compact design of cutter disc
3) Higher jacking force can be reached through hydro-system




Features of full hydraulic-drive EPB machine:
1) High-tech electromechanical product with the international standard level and domestic initiative.
2) Advanced PC plus PLC control system configured in 3 operation modes: Remote automatic by PC, Semi-automatic shell internal control desk and manual.
3) Electro-hydraulic proportional control technique is adopted to the hydraulic drive system to maintain high torque and stability.
4) Latest Laser Guide system is applied to ensure level control within accepted error scope.
5) Machine quality and reliability is guaranteed by using the world famous hydraulic motor and other elements, reduction box, electrical parts and sensors.
6) Compared with electrical drive, hydraulic drive is more safe and stable in running but more cost and difficult to
shoot the trouble.


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